Jos Myers

Having always been a free thinker and naturally creative, Jos shunned artistic institutions and art academia .Her self taught craft draws heavily on her passionate nature and the deep sub-conscious.

Jos is adamant her paintings are not to be analysed but more to be enjoyed visually. The essence of her being is very much “What you see is what you get”, this is reflected on the canvas and the way she lives her life. Jos believes “Painting is the only way to run away without leaving home. Mind, body and soul succumb to the canvas always with a sense of fun, liveliness and bold colour. Her unconventional colour usage can be traced to the love of the ocean since youth and residing in Hawaii for five years.

Her inspiration to paint is life itself, the people she meets, their stories and her surroundings. “ Life should be colourful, let your eyes see past the analytical, open your mind and mouth, and laugh.”