Aidan Weichard

Aidan is Melbourne born and lives in West Gippsland, Victoria. He is a self-taught mixed media artist. Being brought up in a creative environment he has always found pleasure in the arts, and living in the bush surrounded by native flora and fauna has dramatically shaped his process. Creating art is an outlet where he explores his love of the land through textured, bold, large-scale paintings, often depicting animals. 

Aidan believes bold colour reflects and emphasises either a characteristic, personality or emotion that animals, people and places generate within us. His current work explores the physical change that occurs within us when we connect with a place or an animal. 

His artworks are fluid and abstracted, contrasted against hints of detail in crucial components such as the eyes, which forces imaginative reconstruction to see a piece in its entirety. His message is simple, “mindful reflection of this amazing place and the incredible things within it…”