About Gullotti Galleries

Established by Paul Gullotti almost 25 years ago, Gullotti Galleries has a longstanding reputation for delivering an unrivalled program of premiere, world-class art exhibitions in Western Australia.

Gullotti Galleries represents some of Australia’s most exciting and in-demand artists including David Bromley, Blackman by Bromley, Janine Daddo, Palla Jeroff, Craig Parnaby, Bruce Earles, Becky Blair, Sophie Gralton, Anthony Breslin and Wendy Arnold.

Paul Gullotti aims to increase awareness of the visual arts and to inspire a new generation of contemporary artists. He believes that presenting unique art exhibitions enriches the overall fabric of our community and gives those who don’t have the opportunity to travel, the ability to see and be inspired by a wide range of international and iconic artists.


Opening Hours

MONDAY  9am to 5pm
TUESDAY  9am to 5pm
WEDNESDAY  9am to 5pm
THURSDAY  9am to 5pm
FRIDAY  9am to 5pm
SATURDAY  9am to 5pm
SUNDAY  11am to 3pm

To arrange an appointment outside of these opening times, please call Paul on 0405 500 435.


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